Nzuri Waite

Emotional Support Goldendoodle

Hi, my name is Nzuri (pronounced Zuri). My name in Swahili means agreeable, beautiful, good, pretty, delightful and graceful. I have worked at NewPoint of View Counseling since May of 2022. I love our clients. I especially love greeting you in the lobby and escorting you to your therapist. I am well behaved but I am still learning. You can help me with my manners by not petting me when I am not sitting or if I get too excited and want to jump on you. Please ignore me and ask me to sit and only then should you pet me. I am quiet, well-groomed and comfortable with a wide variety of people. 

I can offer support to you by allowing you to pet me which can help to lower your anxiety and put you at ease. Studies have shown that petting me (an animal) can help to lower blood pressure, improve physical help, manage stress and anxiety. I seek to offer comfort without being intrusive. I may sit beside you or lay over your feet and sometimes I may offer you a toy as well. I do not need a treat for this as I love helping.

 Most mornings you will find me hiking South Mountain or walking the golf course. On my days off I love to dive and I swim in our pool year-round. I love water, running around my yard, and spending time with my family. I watch T.V and can get excited when I see other animals. I am always able to pick out the bad characters on TV, which can be helpful to my mom😊 My Dad loves for me to help him with yard work and in the garage. I am a great listener and completely non-judgemental!

 Please schedule your appointment with us, I can’t wait to meet you!