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Therapy Focus

“You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them." 
- Maya Angelou

I work primarily with adults (individuals and couples) and I specialize in treating relationship problems, trauma, self-esteem, codependency issues, depression, anxiety, mood disorders, life transitions, and grief. I especially enjoy helping clients increase self-worth, inner and outer beauty, and learn to rely less on the views of others.

I take a balanced approach and provide therapeutic techniques to address the issues that bring you to therapy. Whether you are suffering from disconnection in relationships, or have difficulty getting out of bed due to feelings of despair, loneliness, and anxiety, I am here to help. We will work together to help you overcome the sadness, frustration, and lack of happiness you may be experiencing.

Creating a new point of view will require your active involvement. This means developing trust in the therapeutic relationship through honesty and openness in order to change your thoughts, feelings, and/or behavior. I will ask for your feedback and views on your therapy, its progress, and encourage you to respond truthfully.

I am likely to draw on various psychological approaches according to your presenting problems. These approaches may include, but are not limited to, behavioral, cognitive-behavioral, cognitive, psychodynamic, existential, system/family, developmental (adult, family), humanistic, EMDR, or psycho-education.

Scope of Practice:

Clients that present in counseling with substance dependence, diagnosed eating disorders, sexually abusive or violent behaviors, severe mental disorders, or certain personality disorders as their primary problem will be referred to other professionals or programs that specialize in these areas. I reserve the right to refer a client to another therapist or appropriate resource at any time if their needs in therapy are not a good match for my skills or experience. I do not provide custody evaluation recommendations, medication recommendations, or legal advice, as these activities do not fall within my scope of practice.