You Are Not Alone: Finding Support as a Male Sexual Abuse Survivor

In 2019 it seems like we hear about female sexual harassment and abuse in the media on an almost daily basis. While sexual abuse in general is a horrible thing, male sexual abuse is an extremely common occurrence that goes completely unnoticed and undiscussed. Recent research has shown that 1 in 6 boys experience sexual abuse by the age of 18. Other research has found that the ratio may actually be higher, at about 1 in 4. At NewPoint of View Counseling, we offer EMDR treatment with trained and certified therapists to help survivors of sexual abuse. Male sexual abuse survivor treatment is available at our Ahwatukee Foothills, Phoenix, AZ location. We offer a supportive and non-judgmental space for you to share your story and to heal, in individual as well group setting. Why is male sexual abuse not reported more often? One of the biggest reasons male sexual abuse goes unreported is the fact that most men are embarrassed to be the victim of sexual abuse, especially when the sexual abuse occurs by other men. Society has taught men to be invulnerable and free from emotional pain, often leading to them remaining silent about their abuse and trauma. This results in male victims of sexual abuse stuffing their emotions and denying their experience. This repression of sexual abuse can and often lead to isolation, anger, sadness, shame, guilt, fear and other negative emotions and unwanted behaviors. Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), major depression, anxiety, and substance abuse are also common among victims of male sexual abuse. It’s important to get help for male sexual abuse. If you have suffered sexual abuse, understand that you are not the only one and that help is available. As the topic of male sexual abuse becomes more mainstream, there may be less stigma, however, survivors continue to blame themselves. Education regarding male sexual abuse and rape are an essential part of the healing process, enabling survivors to not only share their story but to feel that they can surpass what happened to them, in essence to thrive. While more still needs to be done on a mass scale, it is important for individual victims to seek support for male sexual abuse. NewPoint of View Counseling strives to provide an ideal therapeutic environment here in Phoenix. As a certified EMDR therapist in Phoenix, AZ my goal is to help you to not only survive but to transcend your past, while no longer allowing what happened to interfere with your ability to live a fulfilling life. Male Sexual Abuse Treatment in Phoenix, AZ If you or someone you know has been the victim of sexual abuse and would like to discuss treatment options, please contact NewPoint of View Counseling. We would be honored to be a part of your healing. You deserve to share your story and to be heard.