How to Fit Romance Back into Your Scheduled Sex Life

A reduction in desire and frequency of intimacy is a natural course of things in any romantic relationship. As time passes and people get to know each other, the newness of the relationship gives way to routine. At this point, most people know what to expect from their partner, and they’ve heard all their stories. While the love in your relationship will grow and mature along with your relationship, it's actually quite common for that fiery passion at the beginning to become more tempered, a reduction in flame, so to speak.

Relationships need nurturing and this includes intimacy and romance in the relationship. Looking for ways to fit romance back into your sex life? Explore what NewPoint of View Counseling has to offer. In my practice we focus on building intimacy and romance through an attachment lens. I specialize in treating couples looking to reconnect, increase intimacy and romance while reducing triggers that increase disconnection. NewPoint of View Counseling provides expert relationship counseling in Phoenix, AZ.

Listen More

When it comes to relationship counseling, the focus is on getting you to truly hear your partners emotions, focus on issues rather than topics. Truly plugging in to hear our partner; both what is said and unsaid, is always more difficult when we want to be heard ourselves. While we assume we know everything about our partner, things change, and listening to the person you love is always important. Make sure to ask questions, listen to your partner’s answers and get to know their current interests. Treat your partner as if you are always getting to know a new friend.

Touch Often

Touch is another important thing I typically cover in relationship and intimacy therapy in Phoenix. Plenty of research has been conducted to prove that physical touch is a non-verbal communication that can satisfy the need for physical and emotional connection. Try hugging more, holding hands or even stroking your partner’s arm. Kisses are always a great option too!

Try New Activities Together

Getting out of your typical routine is another wonderful piece of advice we often give at NewPoint of View Counseling our Ahwatukee Foothills, Phoenix relationship counseling practice. Regardless of how long you and your partner have been together, there are bound to be things you’ve never done together. Whether it is trying a new hobby or exploring your sexual fantasies, doing things together as a couple can help bring back that spark you’ve been missing. Visit new places, local or outside the country. It reduces stress and increases desire.

Revisit the Past

Reminding yourself of the how’s and the why's of your love story can be another excellent way to reignite that spark. Go on a date to the first place you ever went, visit your honeymoon spot or even go to places you used to hangout. Watch your wedding video, remind yourself of the qualities you first fell in love with.

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Are you and your loved one struggling with your relationship? Want to reignite that spark your relationship used to have? Keep in mind all relationships can take work and you guys are not alone. At NewPoint of View Counseling we would be happy to help with any of your relationship needs.